About Us 

Edforth is an online platform for all IIT applicants. We provide the relevant programs designed and delivered in collaboration with world-class faculty and industry. 
We believe in mixing our tutoring with expert guidance and services to make it a world-class adventure for our students. 
With a vision to future power IITians, we yearn to make our students achieve their goals. 

Our Story!

Edforth began its journey in 2020 during the pandemic. Today it provides a comprehensive online class experience for its students with the relevant materials for the most extensive exam of their life – GATE!
Our founders acquire outstanding experience with 10+ years of manufacturing and design in the automobile industry to a significant IIT coaching center’s visiting faculty member. With their expertise coming together, our preparation material is gold for IIT aspirants.
We at Edforth believe that education shouldn’t cost one a lot. Hence, we have created an outstanding educational experience for our students with the right kind of tips, tricks, and career guidance, all at a highly economical price.
So, are you ready to be the next IITian?